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The Individual and Family CHOICES Program

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.

Meet Our Friendly Administrative Staff

Always be nice to secretaries. They are the real gatekeepers in the world.

Anthony J. D’Angel

Jacqui Greenland

Jacqui is usually found in our front check in office and is available to assist clients in finding their way through our system and our offices. There are times when our staff clinicians need to talk to parents and Jacqui is always willing to keep a watchful eye over the young clients in our waiting room. Jacqui can help prospective clients get started in the counseling journey at CHOICES and can also answer questions about fees, bills, etc.

Jennifer "Jenn" Jones

Jenn is usually found in the “beach room” where she also helps out with prospective client calls as well as takes care of billing and insurance matters. She can also assist clients as well as other visitors to the center in maneuvering around our space and is very comforting and welcoming to children and adolescents who may feel anxious or upset in experiencing sometimes difficult counseling experiences.

Jacqui and Jenn are available to answer any questions you might have in regard to obtaining an intake appointment, funding or insurance issues, and general practice issues.

Call 814-237-0567 for more information.