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The Individual and Family CHOICES Program

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.


Helping to heal your brain

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a form of Biofeedback that uses medical grade Electroencephalogram technology to evaluate the brainwaves of the client. It then uses specially designed games and operant conditioning to teach the brain to regulate itself better, with peak performance in mind. At CHOICES we use state of the art software developed by EEG Information and Education (Formerly EEG Spectrum Inc.)

Why Neurofeedback?

There is a growing research base pointing to the efficacy of Neurofeedback and the positive outcomes of the treatment for individuals who struggle with attention and impulsivity, emotional regulation issues, trauma and anxiety. The use of Neurofeedback has been shown in numerious peer-reviewed studies to reduce the symptoms of ADD and PTSD among others, and sometimes reduce the need for medication in some clients. With peak performance, a slew of other benefits become apparent, from benefits to sleep and concentration to benefits to overall brain regulation. This exciting, expanding field shows a great deal of promise for both professionals, individuals and the community at large.

The Professionals at CHOICES

Lois A. Pessolano Ehrmann PHD, LPC NCC;

Trained Neurofeedback Therapist

*CHOICES also employs a number of Neurofeedback Technicians who work under the supervision of Dr. Ehrmann to provide neurofeedback sessions.

Videos on Neurofeedback

What is Neurofeed back? How Brain Training Can Benefit Kids, Families, And Adults

Neurofeedback by Sue and Sigfried Othmer

SPECT Scan Pre Post Neurofeedback on PTSD

PTSD- What is Neurofeedback