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The Individual and Family CHOICES Program

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.

Spirituality and Mindfulness Practices at CHOICES

This Marble Mosaic was done by a child survivor at CHOICES. This is one way children can experience the calmness and relaxation of mindfulness practices.

The Mind Up Curriculum

CHOICES has purchased the Mind Up Mindfulness Based Practices from the Hawn Foundation to use with our child and young teen clients. You can learn more about this program by going to

Why are we incorporating mindfulness practices into our Treatment Program?

Take a look at the video below which talks about the benefits of mindfulness practices.

Why are we paying attention to the Spirituality Issues that our Clients Bring to Us?

Look at this video below.

"Dare to ask, be willing to listen, and prepare to act. For the vision

of our future emerges as the world of spirit awakens"

- Russell DesMarais