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The Individual and Family CHOICES Program

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.

Truma Informed Treatment and Resolution

How do We Do This at CHOICES?

EMDR (Eye Movement desensitization reprocessing)



IFS (Internal family systems)


Body Based Strategies

Energy Therapy

We Believe in an Integrated and Holistic Treatment for Our Traumatized Clients

Trauma in clients at CHOICES is addressed through a comprehensive trauma informed approach that has at its foundation a strong, safe and trustworthy alliance relationship between the primary clinician and the individual client or family. Therefore all of the traditional therapeutic strategies that assist in the development of that strong relationship are used in generous fashion. Although we are clearly sure that clients cannot effectively process the traumatic things that have happened to them without that strong therapeutic alliance with their therapist, we are also informed that talk therapy alone is often insufficient for the full resolution of traumatic material and the troubling behaviors that accompany such material.

Therefore our staff have taken responsibility for training and researching those strategies or techniques that do seem to have some evidence in helping individuals in resolving past trauma. These strategies are never used in isolation and are only used when the individual has been fully informed about them and their purposes and with that knowledge has given permission. This stance underlies our belief that the individual in charge of the pace and elements of trauma resolution therapy is indeed the person who has been traumatized. Given this brief introduction clinking on the links below will provide information on the additional strategies and models that CHOICES staff have found helpful in the resolution of trauma for clients and families. 

Babette Rothchild speaking about safe Trauma Recovery

Bessel Van Der Kolk Talking about Children and Trauma